Things to do in London

How do you organize an itinerary when there are so many things to see? When visiting a city full of places of interest like London, the important thing is not to get caught up in the desire to see everything. You will never succeed, especially if the time at your disposal is limited. What to see in London in three days? Give yourself priorities. List only the things you absolutely cannot miss. The ones you would eat your hands off. Choose based on your passions and interests, don't just visit the most famous places. A great place to start your discovery of London is the South Bank, a district between the Thames and Waterloo station, where there are some landmark buildings of the city . Where to eat in London: Borough Market This is where we begin our visit. First stop: Borough Market, one of the largest food markets in London, with a wide selection of ethnic street food and local products. The nearest subway station is London Bridge. From Tower Bridge to Millennium Bridg
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